Simon Mun

Simon Mun is a South Korean native who came to New Zealand approximately 5 years ago in pursuit of exploring the diverse culture and scenery.

Living in this day and age and with nearly everyone using smartphones, laptops and having access to the internet, Simon Mun became interested in what makes a website appealing to users. Hence, from 2019 to 2021, he has been studying Web and UX design at Yoobee Colleges. The full-stack development project has been completed with Web and UX design techniques that he learned in Yoobee and has successfully met the project requirements.

Based on UX research we conducted, Our team defined over 10 deliverables. Amongst the deliverables,

Browse page is one of the important features that was the most user centered design involved with solid data.

On the Browse page, Users can browse, create, read, update, and delete a post on the app.

There are also more UX design based features included on the app making it a decent space where users can interact with one another.