Onisha Juhl

Onisha is a seventh generation kiwi who dreams of a digital future, empowered by accessible, adaptable, and unique experiences.

She noticed as technology evolved, more and more design languages began to emulate and impersonate one another. Fuelled by the events in her life as a transgender woman, Onisha is determined and forever learning ways to craft experiences that break the mould and give interactive design a sense of identity and individuality. She believes that accessibility options should be treated as first-class features that deserve to be interwoven throughout an experience, not just tucked away in a submenu. Onisha strives to build experiences that are adaptable between all manner of devices. She invests herself by building core design languages that will be universal enough to span across digital mediums, yet fine tuned enough to express the potential of each device category.

Her background as a computer technician at a high school at the age of 17, trained her to have a solid sense of technical scope. This experience developed her inter-personal communication skills which continued to improve during her tertiary education. Her extroverted nature, charisma, and empathy allow her to look behind the screen and imagine a product from the user’s point of view.
Onisha prides herself on her problem solving ability and hopes the designs she codes can make a lasting and empowering impact for the people who’ll use it.