James Tu

Born in New Zealand in 2000, James has an interest in arts and design. James’ first experiences towards design and creativity occurred when he was in kindergarten. He would pick up a crayon and draw somewhat abstract imagery. Later on in high school James had picked up arts / graphic design and coding classes which he endured through for three years and that’s where it has led him to where he is today. James’ top three artists who inspire him are Jean Michel Basquiat, Kieth Haring and Pablo Picasso. What influences James to design is being capable of having the ability to imagine and create something visual to practical from a blank sheet. He tends to have an eye for what looks pleasing and makes that applicable within a product, an interface, a photograph or even aroom. An eye for detail, consistency, creativity and aesthetics. James is currently studying at Yoobee School of Design, his first year spent in Web and graphic Design and currently spending his second year in Web Production and UX Design. His experience here has involved creating designs ranging from posters, typography, web and app interfaces to production of websites involving HTML, CSS, and the most challenging of them all, Javascript. User Experience / User Interface design would be his favourite though as he tends to enjoy the planning and designing process of products, in UX / UI the iterative process of concepting to refining is what intrigues James the most because it’s an ongoing procedure which leads to perfection. James would like to describe his works as minimalistic yet functional. Doing more with less.