Annabel Ambrosius

Currently based in Christchurch, Annabel has previously studied and worked as a Graphic Designer. Following the beginning of the pandemic, Annabel decided to advance her career path towards the creative space within the tech industry. In her spare time in 2020 she began her educational journey at Yoobee in studying the basics of Web Development through a short course. From here, she built off the foundations of this new found interest and expanded her skills by studying a diploma of Web Development and UX Design this year. 

During this course, Annabel has discovered a specific passion for user interface design where she can converse with users and conduct user testing on high fidelity designs of her sites, and make changes to these designs based on the insights produced. Further to her passion for user interface design, Annabel has also enjoyed and excelled in the front end development portion of this course, which saw her produce work she is very proud of and plans to continue evolving these skills for the foreseeable future. She has also thoroughly enjoyed utilising Agile methodologies in team environments to achieve her goals within this course which has also helped her network with like minded classmates and people established within the industry. 

Coming out of this course Annabel wants to be able to bridge the gap between the users and the developers by becoming a UX Designer either in-house or in a studio/agency who can bring designs to life from conception to final product. Having learnt coding languages HTML, CSS, SASS, Javascript, Vue.js, PHP and Nuxt; Annabel feels well equipped to enter into the Web Development industry with a strong base to continue to build her skills off.