Alexis Cousins

Alexis is a graduate web developer currently based on Auckland’s North Shore. Hailing from a communication background, she has recently applied the skillset acquired during her Bachelors of Communications to gaining a Level 6 Diploma of Web and UX Design with Yoobee College in 2021. 

With a keen eye for detail and inner drive for perfection, Alexis has completed a range of products, both personal and educational, over the course of the last year. From two full stack mobile applications, to two fully hosted and deployed websites (including her own), with a couple of hundred coding hours and other small projects in between, Alexis has found her passion where creativity intersects with consistency, in the realm of front-end web development. Each of her projects reflect a high degree of attention to detail, consideration given to the ‘what if’s’ of the world and a desire to produce solid, semantic outputs, every time. Whilst Alexis has only been learning to code for a year, in that time she has dabbled with 10+ different skillsets, including but not limited to Vue/Nuxt, HTML, CSS, Javascript, Figma, Github and PHP with WordPress, and has demonstrated an aptitude for logical, modular code.  

A penchant for documentation, an edge-case mindset and an inherent motivation for consistent improvement have crafted Alexis into a graduate web developer ready to take on the industry with passion and determination. Looking forward, Alexis’ curiosity and drive to create aesthetic, modern front-end interfaces with solid semantics and logical code will see this front-end developer continue to develop, expand and learn new languages as she works towards her goal of becoming a fully remote front end digital nomad developer. Today, New Zealand. Tomorrow? Boundless possibilities await.