Rail Head Reef

Railhead Reef explores the dried up sea in a post apocalyptic world where a band of fishy misfits do all they can to cause trouble for the local law enforcement. These fishy bandits including Dr Price, the self designated smartest one in the group and whose medical license was revoked years ago; Lewie, the seemingly innocent child who would rob you without a second thought; Coby, the one who is the bragger and often wreaks the most havoc; and Constance, the only one who has a sense of responsibility and morality. While these bungling fools continuously fight over leadership and continue their chaotic adventures over the harsh terrain of Railhead Reef, they must evade being captured by Commissioner Wilson, who luckily is just bad enough at his job that he never manages to succeed, and his two goons, Ferris and Baxter, who are just as incompetent as the gang they are trying to catch.

The pilot episode follows the gang as they seek to create an instructional video on how to perform heists, though as they blunder their way through the video, they find themselves and Jerry, the unfortunate cameraman who was hired for the job, being chased by the Commissioner and his goons as their plans go terribly awry.


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