Covid-19 has kept us at home, mainly in our rooms. What better place to tell a story… Introducing Cookie Jar, a short one-off animated 45-second sequence merging 2D animation with live-action footage. Following the minuscule misadventure of “Yellow” and “Purple”, the two main characters who race against each other on a mission to get to the ultimate irresistible prize of the Cookie Jar, too tempting to ignore! Will one of these rivals be victorious or will something or someone unexpected intervene? 

This 2D live-action “no dialogue” animated short sequence will appeal to all ages with its light slapstick humour and fun characters. Filmed on location for live-action footage in a quintessential bedroom using lighthearted animation to tell the story of a tiny day in the life of “Yellow” and “Purple” living in a giant bedroom. Two 2D characters interact in a live-action environment in a fun playful art style, providing a form of quick entertainment escapism. 

Cookie Jar is designed to sit in the market of easily accessible, quickly consumed content on video platforms and social media. Produced and Animated by Mathys Moolman