RainbowGoldist is a 2D generalist Animator based in New Zealand.  

Their work is influenced by classic cartoons such as the works of Craig McCracken and Alex Hirsch on Power Puff Girls and Gravity Falls. 

They have experience in all aspects of the 2D production pipeline and most recently developed and directed the short film ‘Carver in the Woods’ with support from their classmates. 

Next year, they hope to continue their study by completing the Bachelor of Creative Media Production at Massey University, eventually leading into the animation industry where they hope to work on animated shows. 

In the meantime, they will work on personal projects such as ‘Rodent Rockband,’ a show concept about a group of undesirable animals that form a band and get into shenanigans. This proved a popular concept and acquired 40k followers on TikTok in 2020. 

RainbowGoldist  was the director for the short film “Carver In The Woods” which you can see in the first link below.