Nathaniel McRae

Nathaniel McRae is an Auckland based animator, and illustrator who specializes in Stop-Motion and 2D animation.  

He is inspired by cinema and has a love of all things film and animation. Particularly stop-motion classics such as “The Nightmare before Christmas” and “Coraline. 
Nathaniel’s showreel project is to create a series of stop-motion animated scenes to help develop a pipeline for his future film project “The Sznow”. A 1-minute short which explores loneliness and isolation brought on by the Covid-19 Pandemic.

Nathaniel has a range of ambitions in the creative industry. He is aiming for an internship at Laika and would love to direct his own films one day. 

Nathaniel  was part of the production team for the short film “Dreamland” which you can see in the first link below.