Khloe Harper

Khloe -Artist name LizbosArt- is an Auckland based 2D animator and artist who dabbles in other fields such as 3D animation, modelling, and video editing.

Her art style is inspired by a mix of western comics and manga, with creative influences from Gravity Falls and The Owl House to Fullmetal Alchemist. As the focus of her reel she’s reanimated a scene from the Owl House, trying to reimagine how the scene would’ve played out unrestricted by the timeframe of a tv series, interspersed with work from over the year.

Moving forwards she plans to start working in the animation industry as a storyboard revisionist and animator, while planning to do freelance work and developing personal projects with dreams of creating a published comic series and/or an animated series.

Khloe  was part of the production team for the short film “Dreamland” which you can see in the first link below.