Keegan Ferns

Keegan is a Concept/design artist based in Amberly on the South Island. Keegan has two animation diplomas under his belt but prefers to work on the back end of animation showing a keen interest in concept design, illustration, backgrounds, etc. Keegan’s art style is mainly influenced from eastern media such as manga and anime. These inspirations coming mainly from One Piece, Dragon Ball Z, and My Hero Academia, he comes mainly from a gaming background and aspires to work on a game dev team as an artist in the future. 

The project he is currently working on is a web comic concept called Tully be brave. A story that follows Tully and Jurgens journey through the shattered isles an area of their word composed of massive floating islands giant creatures and dense cultures. The work also comprises of his past projects such as Carver in the Woods where he focused on backgrounds and design.

Keegan plans to spend the next year or so taking his time creating his web comic, but he also plans to get in contact with local game studios and start forming connections in the industry. 

As for where you can find Keegan’s work that is posted on his Instagram account. He also has a YouTube & Twitch channel that he is periodically active on and plans on uploading speed paints and streaming his progress on the comic as well as some gaming content. 

Keegan was part of the production team for the short film “Carver in the Woods” which you can see in the first link below.