Kaleb Ashton

Kaleb Ashton is an Auckland based animator and character designer who speciality is in2D Animation and character concept designs.
Kaleb’s work is inspired by a variety of artists and animation studios such as Man of action, which created his favourite tv show growing up as a child known as Ben 10 and Josiah Brooks, aka Draw with Jazza which was an inspiration for Kaleb’s projects.
Kaleb is constantly learning new things when it comes to the animation industry and always developing his art with a variety of characters and styles.

Kaleb’s showreel project was to showcase a range of animation skills in the 2D pipeline, including post-production sound effects and concept/ design work.
After completing the level 6 Diploma of Animation, he hopes to use his range of animation and design skills to work in the animation industry.

Kaleb was part of the production team for the short film “Making Life Difficult” which you can see in the first link below.