Kael Preston

Kael Preston is a South Auckland based animator and digital artist whose specialty is in 2D hand drawn animation, and digital artwork.

His work is influenced by digital artists such as Marco Bucci and Trent Kaniuga for their unique painting abilities, and animation studios such as Bones and Ufotable for overall animation quality and aesthetic. He is constantly looking to learn and improve his skills in both art and animation.

Kael’s showreel project was to create a test shot for a much larger animated project ‘Ner’Rhundul’ which is a full length anime opening featuring popular characters from the World of Warcraft franchise.

After completing the level 6 Diploma of Animation, he hopes to utilise his diverse range of 2D animation capabilities to find work as a junior animator in an animation studio.

Kael was the director for the short film “Making Life Difficult” which you can see in the first link below.