Shane Lachlan Field

One of Shanes biggest enjoyments in life are computer games which helped him to damndiscover his dream of someday creating a great game enjoyed by many. Shane specializes in 3D modeling characters or assets for games as well and teaching himself to be an Environment artist. Shane wants to become an Environment Artist because he wants to be able to experience the worlds he imagines and share them with others for them to play, experience and enjoy.

Shane is very committed and passionate about his work, he is most proficient in 3D modeling and world building for games. As a kid Shane played lots of sports with friends such as soccer, tennis and table tennis to name a few. After years of sports he finally got into gaming where he sunk all his free time into games such as Runescape, Age of Empires, Dayz, League of legends and many others. After finishing school and unsure of what he wanted to do for a career he went to AUT and studied sport and recreation, after finding the course wasn’t for him he decided to start looking for how he could get into the game industry as games was his other major passion. Shane enrolled for Yoobee where he spent the past 3 years studying 3D production for film and in his own time changing it so that he could apply it to games as well. For the final projects of Advanced 3D Production Shane decided to focus them towards being an environment artist and world builder as with those two roles he would be able to do the two things he loves most which are 3D Modeling and World Building.

What is Shane doing now you ask? Well he is continuing to move forward in fulfilling his dream of someday creating a great game enjoyed by many.