John Brillante

My name is JM, I am a 3D generalist in Auckland, and I was born in the Philippines in 2000.

Since I was young, I was fascinated with watching cartoons and how the shows’ art styles differ from each other. Some have slapstick humor while some are packed with huge amounts of world-building and action scenes. This inspired me to learn to draw and create characters of my own, pushing my dream career into the art industry.

Years have passed, and I learned that 3D art was a thing. I’ve seen in movies released by Pixar, and when my new friends at the time introduced me to video games. Once I was able to own my own laptop, I quickly searched up tutorials on how to get started in 3D art. Sebastian Lague’s videos about 3D character creation talked about the basics of 3D production and I was able to apply those lessons even to this day. I created more and more characters and eventually applied for Yoobee Colleges to further broaden my knowledge on the career I am reaching to have.

3D production was an enjoyable journey for me, and being able to learn every aspect of it helped me quite a lot. The tutors taught me methods that I can use if I am modelling hard-surface models or characters. My animation tutors taught me to further implement the principles of animation into my work, in other words thinking about the smaller details. And what interests me more is rigging, where every step of the way is like solving a puzzle, little by little, because not only do you think about what kind of animation it should do, but also what the model is capable of, teaching me to consider other teammate’s input into the work I am doing. Right now I am interested in creating new worlds with new people, and learning from each other’s experiences. Life isn’t always about surviving, it’s how you’d want to live it.


phone number: 0210 828 1799