Adrian Jansen

An enthusiastic 3D Artist, Adrian Jansen was born in 1995 in South Africa, moved to New Zealand in 2012 where he currently studies at Yoobee Colleges.

Ever since the age of 14 Adrian had run across a video online titled “How to Animate the Inception Totem with Cinema 4D and Dynamics” by Greyscale Gorilla, this sparked Adrians in interest in creating art but in 3D. Snowballing further  with the realization that games he had over the years as he grew up had been made in ways not unlike this.

Adrian learning of Yoobee and its course for 3D in 2019 had taken his first step into his 3D journey. While attending the course picking up many useful skills, and much knowledge along the way with Maya became Adrian’s main fascination as 3D was still Adrian’s main focus.

With all new sets of Skills under his belt Adrian had decided to further his studies with 3D full time in 2020, learning further skills such as rigging, simulation and programs like Zbrush and Substance painter which would end up eating into many of Adrian’s free nights as he became absorbed in each of these aspects.

In 2021, the final year of study at Yoobee colleges Adrian would push his limits with 3D even further with fields he became further invested in from the past two years of study, including the character and asset creation process in a self taught environment allowing Adrian to improve on his knowledge and skills to and even further extent. 

Moving into the future Adrian looks forward to further exploring his now love for 3D in many environments outside of Yoobee colleges and keep sharpening his skills and in all aspects and discovering new interests along the way.


phone number: 021 230 9293