Maia is a creative person who loved to draw when she was in primary school, she enjoyed drawing and designing characters from different concepts. Maia started watching anime when she was in intermediate and from that she interpreted the anime style and made her own art style. After taking a few years of art class in high school she realised being a traditional artist, painting on canvas is not what she wanted instead she uses drawing tablets to illustrate her artwork. Later on she spent three years studying in yoobee college for animation and 3d modeling, although her main purpose at the start was to learn animation and become an animator, however after a few years of learning she found herself enjoying the process of turning a 2d concept character into a 3d model the most. 

Maia is very passionate about what she produces and works really hard to achieve certain goals. She has a dream of having her name on the screen either in a short series, movie or in a game.