Ming Zhou

This is Ming Zhou, a game lover. 

She loves playing games from a very young age. She thought the scenes of the game, the actions of the characters, and the interesting plots are all very attractive. So she dreamed of having a game that she participated in. 

So she came to learn 3D product. After the tutor’s teaching, she feels that she has gained a lot. She has studied 3D models, texture mapping, animation production, visual effects. She has individual works as well as group works. Under the guidance of the tutors, she likes each of her works. Although they are not perfect, but they are also a work she made with heart and soul. 

Today she is showing 3 works here, one is a music box, which she made the modeling for the character, the treasure box, some diamonds and the key. With the soundtrack of the music box, the overall feeling is very good. 

The second one is a group work, which she made with 3 classmates together. They designed a scene where a robber robbed the bank. When the robber tried various methods to open the safe door, he found that there was an earlier robber who stole everything inside, leaving only a piggy bank standing quietly on the table. She knows that if they have more time, they can make it much better , but basedon a short video at the end of the semester, she is still very satisfied. 

The third short film is to present a sound-activated fire effect in a fireplace. The flame is made with houdini, a vfx program. The function of houdini is very powerful, it can do many effects such as water, fire, impact etc.